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Match Report: Morecambe Bay Storm 26 – 26 Knottingley Raiders

Match Report: Morecambe Bay Storm 26 – 26 Knottingley Raiders

Where to start on one hell of a game of football? Morecambe Bay Storm came to Knottingley with a 5-4 record, compared to the Raiders’ 1-7 season: A four hour game of football that had everything, was a fine way to end the season for both teams. Our best wishes go to both the Raiders and Storm players who sustained serious injuries, leading to two lengthy stoppages in the 4th quarter.

It was Morecambe who took the first blood with a deep ball to their WR, finished off with a short run in to the end zone. But Knottingley hit back before the half to head in to the changing rooms 8-6 Morecambe. The third quarter saw 30 points shared between the teams, 3 TD’s for Morecambe and 2 for Knottingley, with no PAT conversions for either side – one of which was a great effort by (QB #5) Josh Brown, escaping two near sacks to scramble out and fire in to the end zone for Offensive MVP Tone Kramer (WR #84).

The fourth quarter, difficult for both sides, had Morecambe Bay Storm make plenty of yards, with one near TD taking them to the 2 yard line, stopped by defensive MVP Adam Mulligan (CB #25). The goal line defence from the Raiders won this battle, giving their offence the opportunity for a last drive, standing 8 points behind on the scoreboard. Some outstanding grabs from all the Raiders receivers, whilst aware of the sideline and the clock, allowed Andy Lund (TE #42) to make a beautiful pick of ball from the air in the end zone for the TD, with Brad Dobson (WR #10) converting the 2pt effort from Josh Brown to tie the game.

A mixed bag of emotions from the 2017 season, but nonetheless, the Raiders are committed to recruiting well over the offseason and putting in the hard work to continue to score points and compete hard in the BAFA National Leagues next season. Keep your eyes out for Rookie Day’s coming in 2017 and early 2018.

Match Preview: Morecambe Bay Storm @ Knottingley Raiders

Match Preview: Morecambe Bay Storm @ Knottingley Raiders

Morecambe Bay Storm visit Marsh Lane for the final game for both teams in the 2017 NFC 2 Central. The Raiders and Storm have had differing fortunes for their rookie seasons in the BAFA National Leagues. Whilst one made a name for themselves in their associate campaign in 2016, the other has gone on to have a successful debut season, aiming to finish 2017 with a winning record.

Knottingley played 7 associate fixtures in 2016, displaying a dominant style of play, averaging over 50 points per game. The only loss coming from divisional rivals Leeds Bobcats: a hard fought 46-40 loss. However, whilst the Raiders have only one win under their belt in 2017, a 56-16 drubbing over Northumberland Lightning, Morecambe have gone on to a 5-4 season thus far. Morecambe beat the Raiders last time out and will be heading to Marsh Lane looking for their 6th win of the season, though Knottingley will certainly be looking to spoil the party and take the W to end their 2017 campaign.

Date: 06/08/17
Time: 14:00
Venue: Knottingley RUFC, Marsh Lane, Knottingley, WF11 9DE.